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  • Assembly & Containment

    Assembly Services 

    System and sub-system assembly capabilities 

    • Current Program
      • 12 variations (Single and Double Bin Console)
      • 3 colors
      • 38 component parts in assembly
      • Build to multiple customer orders
      • Service parts for Service Center Operation
        Assembly and Warehousing Program options 
    • Assembled in North America (Michigan)
      • Assembly, inspect, test, package, ship
    • Assembled off shore and shipped to North America (Michigan) with additional US content installed at our ship site
      • Inspect, test, package, ship, final assemble of US content (if applicable)
    • Assembled off shore and shipped to North America (Michigan)
      • Inspect, test, package, ship

    Product distributed to North America and International Manufacturing sites 

    Containment Services  

    • Quality Support
    • Sorting
    • Launch Support
    • Manufacturing Support Liaisons
    • Supplier Visitation Services

    Inspecting, Sorting and Rework 

    • Immediate response in local areas
    • Ability to divert in-transit shipments to a warehouse
    • Set-up and administer sort to include
      • Work instructions
      • Data collection and distribution
      • Invoice billing directly to your supplier

    Launch Containment 

    • Experienced in inspecting for quality requirements and appearance standards
    • Provide data collection sheets and summary reports customized to your operating system

    Manufacturing Support Services 

    • Production support, for plant personnel shortage
    • Temporary support for plant projects
    • 24 hour service support
    • Supervision support


    • Our Liaisons provide personal, on-site coverage for your company at your customer’s plants.
    • We build relationships to keep you informed about quality and production issues affecting your product.
    • Proactively identifying quality concerns to prevent concerns from escalating into quality issues.
    • Detailed reports after each plant shift so you can quickly implement corrective & preventive actions.