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  • Prestige Warehouse & Assembly

    260,000 Square Feet of Warehouse space

    Production Assembly

    • System and sub-system assembly

    Synchronization of material
    Part and Assembly Sequencing

    • Ford Motor Company – MMOG/LE
    • ISO 9001-2008


    • North American Warehouse
    • Monitor incoming and outgoing material
    • Sort and functional inspection (electrical/mechanical) of off-shore material

    Third party containment (In-client)

    • In process Quality Control
    • Containment and inspection of Modules and components

    Comprehensive Warehouse and Assembly Expertise

    • International Operations Support
    • Part and Assembly Sequencing
    • Warehouse Services
    • In-Plant Containment
    • Quality Support
    • Sorting
    • Launch Support
    • Manufacturing Support
    • Quality Liaisons