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  • Advanced Vehicle Development

    Full and Scale Models

    • Either clay or fiberglass exterior surface.
    • Representative exterior surface with various removable parts to test different variations.
    • Representative engine compartment and underbody.
    • Adjustable suspension for different ride variations.
    • Instrumentation.

    Racing Program Support

    • Support ┬áprograms such as NASCAR race programs with Manpower, parts, and models to support track and wind tunnel tests.
    • Support race teams through manufacturer with tools and parts to assist in design improvements.

    Customer Field Support

    • Clinic Support
    • Test Support
    • Global Marketing Support

    Environmental Models

    • Exterior and Interior
    • Front and Rear fascia

    Front End Cooling

    • Wind Tunnel Testing

    Vehicle Retrofit

    • Hybrid Vehicle Modifications
    • Engine Modifications
    • Interior / Exterior Modifications
    • Repair, Replace, Modify Components


    • Seating
    • Assembly
    • Verification Models