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3-D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

Request for Cost and Timing or additional information can be sent to or call (248) 585-6654.

3D printing technology is used in many professional fields including Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Dental, and Defense.


Prestige Advanced offers unmatched versatility with a range of material properties from rubber to rigid, and transparent. Produce as many parts at one time that you can place on the build tray.3d-printing

  • Envelope size of 500mm x 400mm x 200mm.
    • Larger parts are made in pieces and fused together

We offer a  powerful range of additive manufacturing materials, including clear, rubberlike and biocompatible photopolymers, and tough high-performance thermoplastics. This variety lets you maximize the benefits of 3D printing throughout your product-development cycle.

From fast, affordable concept modeling to detailed, super-realistic functional prototyping, including certification testing and agile, low-risk production, our materials help designers and engineers succeed at every stage.

Digital Materials expand the possibilities by blending base resins to create nearly 1,000 composite materials with specific, predictable properties. Achieve a range of hues, translucencies, Shore A values and other properties to give your most imaginative prototypes exceptional end-product realism.

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