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Nominated for Chrysler Supplier of the Year

Prestige Engineering Resources / Prestige Advanced Nominated for Chrysler Supplier of the Year and Parent Prestige Group reports 500% growth

Clinton Township, MI. June 8, 2012 / — Prestige Engineering / Prestige Advanced, Prestige Group Companies have been nominated for Chrysler Supplier of the Year for their commitment to high quality vehicle development and dedication to help our Veterans find lifelong employment opportunities. Prestige Engineering was established in 1998 by William G. Fritts. Prestige Group was established in 2010 to govern the now 5 companies that make up the organization that has grown over 500% since 2007.
Prestige Engineering Resources – Staffing, Design, Engineering
Prestige Advanced – Show Car / Vehicle Development
Prestige Extreme Machining – Large and Small 3-4-5 Axis High Speed Machining
Prestige Extreme Distribution – Distribution of Cutting Tools, Abrasives and Industrial Equipment
Prestige Warehouse and Assembly – Assembly, Warehousing, Containment and Sorting

“I am humbled by the nomination but not surprised looking at the growth and customer satisfaction of our companies. We have taken multiple companies that were out of business, heading out or what others thought were worthless and turned them into very successful, thriving businesses, even during the down turn. We are blessed to have the opportunity to grow in Macomb and Oakland counties and have created over 100 Jobs since 2007, not to mention creating a successful Veteran Development program for over 20 Veterans in the past year with our partners” said Bill Fritts, President and CEO, Prestige Group. “We are currently looking for an additional 25+ employees” Bill Fritts added.

Prestige Engineering and the Prestige group are models for how to be successful, even in the worst of times as well as how to grow and retain the talent need for the future of our region.

About Prestige Group

Prestige Group operates 6 facilities in Macomb and Oakland Counties with 300+ employees. For additional information please visit

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