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Engineering, Management
Title Industrial Engineer
Categories Engineering, Management
Location Auburn Hills, MI
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  • Description:Plans and oversees layout of equipment, office and production facilities. Conducts studies in operations to maximize work flow and spatial utilization. Ensures facility efficiency and workplace safety.Perform cycle time and bottleneck analyses. Develop and improve work methods. Work with functional managers and operation managers to improve productivity, quality, and throughput. Support World Class Manufacturing (WCM) especially for WO (Workplace Organization) and LO (Logistic) pillars. Support IE Manager in various IE and WCM related assignments and projects. Perform manpower planning/leveling/adjustments per Assembly Plants’ Volume Adjustments. Perform Direct Labor, Indirect Labor, and Ergonomic Studies. Interact with production management and union leadership on a daily basis on all matters relating to staffing requirements and IE activities. Candidate needs to be self-motivated and goal driven.
  • Requirements:3DCS / VisVsa / AestheticaAutomotive Assembly Process KnowledgeKnowledge or Manufacturing Process and/or Injection molding processMS Office SuiteStrong Communication and Organization Skills
Education Bachelors Degree
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