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Designer, Engineering
Title Color Specialist
Categories Designer, Engineering
Location Troy, MI
Job Information
  • Color and Craftsmanship team member
  • Complete RASIC color approval process
  • Interface with customers to gain color approval of components for IAC
  • Obtain color approvals at OEMs
  • Trouble shoot issues with color matching
  • Train other employees for color matching and review

Review/assess color match of components prior to customer submission


  • Minimum high school diploma required
  • Must score acceptable level on Farnsworth/Munsell color hue test and must possess excellent color acuity
  • Must have experience in automotive components and understand related materials and color technology
  • Must be able to work on various programs and with various materials.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Must be able to develop solid relationships with OEM design studio teams
  • Must be able to work in cross functional teams to get results
  • Must be very proficient in Excel
  • Must have basic skills in Outlook, Power Point and Word required

Must know how to use a colorimeter and gloss meterĀ  Must be familiar with color specific technologies – LAB readings, Delta E, etc.

Education High School Diploma
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